Reassurance for new mobile delivery service, featuring Thermoport ‘mobile kitchen’

A new food transport system begins service in April at James Paget Hospital, Great Yarmouth, which will be supplying Lowestoft Hospital ten miles away with a hot and cold meals service.

James Paget operates a cook fresh and choice menu system and Catering Manager Paul Hammond said that BGL Rieber: “Were the first people we contacted when we started planning for the new delivery service.

“We had spoken to them previously and knew they would prove to be very helpful. We have had a lot of contact with BGL Rieber’s Regional Director Alan Drayton who provided very useful advice and information at every stage, from the initial site survey, to selecting the Thermoport containers and their trolleys, to temperature control and packing instructions.

“We completed the first onsite trials in March and, with a couple of tweaks here and there, so far, we are very happy. The containers and associated equipment came in quickly and in perfect order.”

To provide assurance that the new system would work effectively, BGL Rieber loaned the hospital a trial unit which was used to test the food delivery process. Happy with the results, James Paget then specified the heavy duty version of Rieber’s Thermoport 2000U mobile kitchen for hot food, equipped with top and bottom mounted bumpers and large casters.

With a temperature range programmable up to 95 degC the whole unit can be cleaned using high pressures sprays or specialist warewashing equipment (the heating fan and motor housing are easily removable for cleaning). Manufactured in high grade stainless steel, it includes 20 sets of deep drawn (seamless) runners and can hold anything from 1/1 GN containers to halves/thirds. Grid shelves are also available to hold foil trays etc.

Fitted on top and held in place in a steel well with straps is a Thermoport 600 food transport container for cold food.

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