New Metos Proveno Combi Kettle 4G

The new Metos Proveno Combi Kettle 4G from BGL Rieber can be set to start automatically.

Pre-set recipes such as porridge and bread dough can start to suit the operator, with mixing, kneading and stirring and temperature control all taken care of automatically.

Labour is saved and productivity improved because staff can now walk in to find one task is done for the day, with fresh-made porridge, cake mix or proven bread dough ready for their next phase!

Temperature control is now even more advanced. Metos ProTemp measures and displays the real-time temperature of the food and also of the kettle jacket. This ensures food can never burn or stick, provides maximum energy efficiency and enables low temperature cooking of sensitive foods such as milk-based products, melting chocolate, sous vide and dough making and proving.

Automatic cooling by Proveno is better than ever and starts with replacing the steam inside the jacket with cooling tap water. Cooling media can be tap or ice water from separate ice water supply. Maximum economy is achieved using two two-phase cooling starting with tap water and switching to ice water cooling for the final phase.

Ready-to-use mixing ‘patterns’ ensure perfectly mixed results for various types of mixing such as crumbling mince, porridge, desserts, soup or stew cooking.

Guided touchscreen with clear symbols takes the operator through recipes. Recipe phases are displayed on the screen. Audible signals tell the user about any required actions, such as adding water or more ingredients.

The auto reverse mixer for mixing and whipping comes in Strong and Extra Heavy-Duty sizes and is maintenance-free.

Metos Proveno Combi Kettle 4G has a distance to the floor of over 600 mm when the kettle is fully tilted. This high tilt feature makes it fast, easy and safer than ever to empty; standard trolleys can fit under the kettle pouring lip to receive hot liquids, for example.

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