Bring the canteen to the classroom with the New thermoport® canteen

Ideal capacity meal transport and serving solution for schools

With a capacity of 15-50 meals, the Rieber thermoport canteen is the ideal Covid-secure lunch serving solution for schools, any time, any place, anywhere.

Available as a convection-heated front loader, the thermoport canteen can serve hot lunches prepared as usual in the main school kitchen and then transported direct into classrooms. Thermal insulation ensures food remains hot for the short journey.

Alternatively, the school can use ready-prepared chilled or frozen meals, because both can be regenerated and safely served in Rieber thermoport food transport trolleys. Cold foods such as sandwiches and salads can be transported securely on top of the canteen using Rieber’s orange thermoport boxes.

The design is based on Rieber’s tried and tested thermoport food transport solutions – proven in schools across the UK and Europe. Trolleys can be pre-heated in the main kitchen and once filled with meals and plates, they can be wheeled to classrooms and plugged in again to maintain serving temperature.

Trolleys can be customised to individual schools with attractive adhesive panels and there is a foldable sneeze guard available on request. The serving height of 963 mm means children get a good view of the goodies on offer, but also ensures the trolley has enough capacity to feed up to 50 meals from one fill.

Advantages at a glance: 

  • Made of rustproof high-quality, hygienic stainless steel
  • Double-walled body, excellent insulation properties
  • Interior tightly welded with seamlessly deep-drawn support rails
  • Foldable frames for insertion of GN pans for optimal meal presentation and serving or containers for additional storage space
  • Side holder for easy stowage of the lid during meal serving
  • Quick and easy cleaning thanks to removable door seal/heating element
  • Many functions in one device: transport, regeneration, keeping hot, meal presentation and serving


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