BGL Rieber CONNECT shortlisted for Catering Insight Awards 2022, Light Equipment Category

Rieber’s CONNECT system supports Rieber equipment such as the K-Pot electric chafing dish and Multipolar Refrigeration.

CONNECT links Rieber light and heavy equipment to a mobile phone and includes HACCP and cooking programs for added efficiency.

CONNECT will switch on the Rieber K-Pot to cook fresh food or regenerate chilled or frozen foods, with digital controlled temperature accurate to within one degree. The system satisfies HACCP and hygiene regulations by recording temperature and time.

Tailored cooking programs mean virtually any type of food, from slow-cooked or simmered foods such as shepherd’s pie, curries, and buffet food, can be safely and successfully regenerated.


Using CONNECT with Rieber’s 10 compartment communal fridge – Multipolar – and using food safe QR labels – means caterers can now offer take-away chilled food for remote collection, controlled by app.

Customers can order online and pick up their meal from the Multipolar fridge, whose individual compartment door opens when the user presses a button on their mobile phone.

  • Deliver meals up to 72 hours before use
  • Storage of food in traceable, trackable, reusable GN system
  • Refrigerator interior has 10 individual compartments cooling -2 to + 15 °C
  • Each compartment holds meals for up to 20 people
  • Opening function via mobile phone app
  • App tracks meal collection, usage, regeneration and return of container


  • Anytime self-service anywhere people need feeding away from the kitchen
  • For groups or individuals in the workplace, education, event catering, directors’ boxes, healthcare, police, emergency and custodial services, armed forces, travel, and transport
  • Using prepared meals, fresh, chilled, or frozen – single portion meals to three full courses, including salad
  • Easy uncomplicated system, using temp-controlled, trackable storage, with Rieber CONNECT app
  • Reheat or regenerate using smartphone and automated cook-programme, via Rieber K-Pot with CONNECT app, or connected microwave
  • Track activation, usage and return of food containers via CONNECT app. Links to POS systems


“The Rieber CONNECT system combined with Rieber equipment such as eatTAINABLE reusable GN containers, K-Pot and Multipolar is at the forefront of sustainable technology driven catering,” says Gareth Newton, MD, BGL Rieber.

“This is just the start. CONNECT means food can be safely regenerated for use anywhere there is electric power.

“No special skills needed; CONNECT, K-Pot and Multipolar are the expertise. Labour is saved. Food is served safely and hygienically and when the customer wants it.

“CONNECT identifies the customer, as well as the food, HACCP trail, price point, pick up location and what is returned as waste, which can be weighed, recorded, and actioned with alarms if it falls outside of chosen parameters.”


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