Rieber’s Air Clean System technology, including the very latest ozone filtration systems, ensures fumes, odours and cooking smells are captured, whether you are cooking out in front of customers in public areas, or tucked into a small space in the kitchen with limited or no overhead ventilation.

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AMEREX fire suppression now available for Rieber Varithek ACS front cooking stations

ACS 1000ec featuring ‘push and pull’ self ventilation; takes two Varithek cooking modules

ACS 1100d3 takes two Varithek cooking modules; also features ozone air clean technology

ACS 1500d3 takes three Varithek cooking modules; featuring ‘push and pull’ self ventilation

ACS 1600 O3 takes three Varithek cooking modules; works with new plasma air clean technology

ACS Varithekbuffet cooking, serving and holding elements can be combined to make a unique back of house cooking station with its own self-ventilation.

By using the ACS range you can eliminate much of the M&E costs usually associated with installing a conventional cooking range with canopy, or providing a solution where a traditional extraction canopy is not feasible.

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