Harrogate chooses Unitray for plated meal delivery

The trials for a new plated delivery system at Harrogate District Hospital proved conclusive. The Unitray provides the best combination of temperature control, ease of handling and is also the best in terms of ergonomics and health & safety. “One of the main factors for choosing Rieber was the height,” said the Hotel Services Manager. […]

Rieber’s fixed costs proven best deal

In 2007 BGL Bieber won a rigorous supplier and product assessment for North Manchester General Hospital with its plated meal regeneration system. More than 30 new regeneration trolleys were required, in configurations of 24 and 30 trays per unit to suit ward numbers.  Talk to BGL Rieber about our fixed price packages including maintenance, servicing, […]

Plated meal trolleys for Aberdeen

Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is running a new cook-serve system. Some 58 Unitray plated meal delivery trolleys are involved. Each can distribute hot and cold food on a single tray. A central partition allows the two different environments to be separately controlled. Forced ventilation for both environments optimizes their temperature uniformity. A motorized version makes it […]