BGL Rieber is creating a series of recipes perfectly suited to the ventless ACS Varithek front cooking system. Whether you are a contractor, school, university or hospital caterer, we hope you find the recipes inspiring. ACS Varithek Recipes: Varithek Drop Pancakes with Berry Compote, 20 portions Recipe Video Varithek Chicken Sate, 10 portions Recipe Video […]

New thermoport® CLASSROOM canteen

thermoport canteen doors open with display top

Ideal capacity meal transport and serving solution for UK schools. With a capacity of 15-50 meals, the Rieber Thermoport CLASSROOM canteen is the ideal Covid-secure lunch serving solution for schools. Available as a convection-heated front loader, the Thermoport Canteen can serve hot lunches prepared as usual in the main school kitchen and then transported to […]

How to maintain the temperature of patient’s food


The temperature of food served to inpatients is frequently highlighted as one of the biggest problems in patient survey feedback. How can this issue be overcome using modern transportation/food distribution systems? “You could write a novel about it. On first sight temperature control appears quite simple. Food not hot enough…problem solved by new equipment and […]

NEW Hospital meal delivery brochure

BGL Rieber has decades of experience in the supply and maintenance of food distribution, delivery and serving systems for hospitals. There is no one solution for everybody! All hospitals have different requirements, which is why BGL Rieber offers a range of hospital meal delivery solutions, each of which has been tried, tested and approved for […]

Docking food transport and serving solution for Royal Hampshire Hospital

BGL Rieber has supplied two DSPro shuttle trolleys and a docking station to the Royal Hampshire Hospital. Andrew Bennett, Kitchen Manager, Royal Hampshire County Hospital commented, “We already use a similar docking-style system and the new units were added to give us extra capability. “The food temperatures are consistent and the introduction of the system […]

Easy way to add meal capacity to cater for children’s parties and events

Thermoport Canteen with top trays open

With a capacity of 15-50 covers providing meals such as sausages, burgers, beans, baked potatoes, mashed potato, chips, hot dogs, fish fingers, curries, pasta etc, the Rieber Thermoport canteen is a quick way of adding extra hot meal capacity to cater for kids’ birthdays, or events and workshops. Trolleys can be personalised with attractive adhesive […]

Front loading Thermoport insulated food transport boxes

Find out more about the superior safety and handling features of Rieber Thermoport, which ensure staff are protected as much as humanly possible. BGL Rieber has launched a new brochure covering its range of stainless steel and plastic front loading Thermoport insulated food transport boxes. Rieber Thermoport food transport boxes are famous the world over […]


Rieber Thermoport food transport boxes are famous the world over for their strength, hygiene and ability to hold food at the right temperature for long periods of time. Plastic Thermoport boxes are very tough but lightweight and are strong enough for use by the armed forces, prisons, meals on wheels, hospitals and schools. The boxes […]


Feeding staff when the main kitchen is shut – or unsuitable due to social distancing – is an increasing problem for caterers. One solution which provides a hot meal outside of the staff restaurant is the individual Rieber Thermoport insulated food transport box. These will keep food chilled or hot for more than four hours. […]

Bulk and individual meal feeding solutions for hospitals

When our customers called us at the start of the virus pandemic for advice on food transport and serving to people remotely or in isolation, we suggested a range of Rieber products to be the best immediate solution. They are tough, hygienic and easy for staff to use and keep clean. With the potential of […]